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War With Us Twain

If we had war we two
Then I would have to get up early in the morning
Even earlier than you, even in the dark night
vulgarities to concoct, one or two at least
Then when you're still asleep,
when you're still struggling in your black dreams
I would have to hide from you behind bushes and hedges
even before the sun smiles
to put me in position
something I normally never do,
if it can somehow avoid

If we had war we two
Then I would have to care of many things
To arms, which I led to war against you,
to ammunition and provisions for hard times
I had to forge bold plans
In order to entice you into an ambush,
then to overwhelm you,
perhaps with ax, sticks and long knives
or to shoot you with the assault rifle
but let's face it,
I'm lacking the time to do so

If we had war we two
Then I must probably renounce much
For example on playing football with the boys
or on a splendid swim in the near river
You could catch me at anytime here and there
if I stand without defilade in the sun,
if I somewhere kissed a girl,
if I went to stroll with her in the park

But to being honest ...

I mean, making war is waste of time
I prefer to go to the cinema to see something similar
Or look me in staying on the sofa at home watching it on TV
instead playing outdoors with dangerous gizmos
and thus successively to go off
For war I am totally unsuitable,
I lack energy and motivation
Since I have to get up so early in the morning
and go to bed late

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